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At UARM, we believe that formation is based on cultural diversity, sustainability, social justice, the humanities, critical thinking and the common good, to build a better world for all. If you are looking for an immersion in an inclusive community and a multicultural country, we encourage you to join us at UARM to be part of something bigger than yourself.

About UARM

  • Welcoming university with an average of 20 students per classroom.
  • Connected with Jesuit social projects and active in the most vulnerable communities of the country.
  • One of the most diverse universities in Peru, intercultural and bilingual (Spanish and Quechua) with 30% of the student body from different regions of the country.

About Perú

  • Its rich history and dynamic present provide an unforgettable experience of linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and biodiversity.
  • Its geographical regions (coast, highlands and jungle) create 84 of the 117 life zones in the world and offer endless options to discover.
  • Its capital, Lima, is the second largest city in a desert in the world and the only capital on the coast of South America. Its skyscrapers, Spanish colonial architecture and favelas embody the complex realities contrasted in Peru today.

Exchange experiences at UARM are comprehensive, in addition to academic and cultural activities, all exchange students will have the opportunity to participate in volunteering or service-learning experiences which impact society.

Don’t wait any longer to have an international experience at UARM! Contact us at ruiz.internacional@uarm.pe for the application process, required documents, course offerings by major and important dates.

Short Programs

Short-Term Immersion Programs: Experience Peru through International Programs UARM

Engagement with UARM students, faculty, community organizations, and Jesuits social projects is the foundation of each program. All programs are rooted in context, experience, and reflection to offer a deeper perspective of the various realities of Peru.

Program themes include:

  • Diverse Contexts of Education
  • Community Public Health
  • Language and Culture
  • Sports and Communities
  • Bilingual and Bicultural Education
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Asset Based Community Development and Social Justice
  • Faith and Justice
  • The Ignatian Way of Proceeding

Click here to see our Short-Term Immersion Programs brochure.

Semester Program

Offers students a multifaceted and integrated study abroad experience. Study abroad students have the opportunity to study alongside Peruvian students, intern or volunteer at a community organization, and participate in a variety of cultural activities.

Academics: Students can take between 12 to 16 credit hours at UARM. Courses include:

Sobre la UARM

  • 200 and 300 level Spanish language courses
  • Any course offered during the semester taught in Spanish: Business, Political Science, Law, Tourism, Economics, Sustainability, History, Literature, Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Education, and Philosophy.

Selected courses taught in English: Latin American Literature, History of Peru, Social Inequality, and Sustainability and Community.

Community Engagement: Students can request placement site community organization in Lima. Areas include:

  • Education
  • Sport and the community,
  • Environmental sustainability,
  • Micro-enterprises
  • Counseling

Cultural Activities: Excursions to Cusco, Andahuaylillas and Cuyuni (indigenous communities), Huacachina desert oasis, and Ballestas Islands with penguins and sea lions, district tours, and museum visits.

Housing: Host families in the Pueblo Libre district.